Ruth's Journey - Official Teaser (2020)

After over 4 years in development hell, we are finally ready to announce “Ruth’s Journey”, a free demo to our upcoming game “The Long Way Home”. Set in the TLWH universe, Ruth’s Journey follows Ruth as she sets out to photograph the rare Golden Finch.
Wishlist the game on STEAM: coming soon.

Description from Steam

Play as Ruth as she ventures into the forest in search of the famed Golden Finch.

Gameplay Animation

Sitting in her office all day long, stamping papers, Ruth's boss finally gives her a break and an opportunity to use her talents to Explore the world and experience the beauty and wonders of the Canadian wilderness with Ruth as she embarks on this journey. Ruth's Journey is a free demo that introduces you to the characters and the world of The Long Way Home.

KEY Features:

  • Experience the peace and tranquility of the forest
  • Beautiful low-poly aesthetic
  • Immersive First Person Controls
  • Capture breathtaking pictures with your camera
  • Glimpse into the history of 'The Long Way Home'
  • 15 - 30 min of Narrative driven Gameplay
  • Detailed Cinematics