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PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch





“The Long Way Home” is an interactive story about an elderly man struggling with lost Memories. Experience life through the eyes of Frank as he embarks on a journey of self-re-discovery.

The Long Way Home captures nostalgia, tranquility, loneliness and the freedom of exploration.

You influence how the story unfolds.

If you enjoy games like ‘Firewatch’, ‘Life is Strange’ and ‘Gone Home’, this is the game for you.


About Us

Nifty Llama Games is an up and coming Game Development Studio founded by 3 students in 2016. Located in the Netherlands and South Africa, our company is currently hard at work on their debut title “The Long Way Home”.

The studio found it’s beginnings while creating amateur games for fun and entering into competitions such as the BGMC (Blender Game Making Competition).

In 2017, the prototype for ‘The Long Way Home’ was developed during the 23rd BGMC and won first place! (check it out!)

The Team

Leander, Director & Lead Developer

Game-design student from Germany. His passion for game development was ignited by the Blender Game Engine and he’s been hard at work making games ever since.

Andre, Head of 3D & Animation

VFX artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Fascinated by the world of Computer Graphics with an interest in making art that makes people smile. He’s also obsessed with Cabins.

Tim, Lead Sound Designer

Film student from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has had an intense interest in audio-visual art from a young age and has since  been obsessed with learning the art of good storytelling.



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